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The interplay of light, art, and technology.

2019 Lumen Festival

Lumen is an annual festival that features the work of artists as they explore the interplay of light, art, and technology. Amongst many community partners, we wanted to help showcase this type of creative work in Waterloo Region for the 2019 festival.

Installations feature the work of artists using a number of different mediums, and incorporate technology platforms to explore the exchange between technology and creativity. Lumen’s aim is to celebrate the wonderful public spaces in UpTown Waterloo, and to animate these spaces in a way that invites people to explore the city through a new lens.

Uptown Waterloo, Waterloo, ON

Housing Innovation Round Table

HIP is proud to be part of the Housing Innovation Round Table (HIRT), a collaborative group of real estate developers and Waterloo Region community leaders. HIRT seeks to…

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River Lines A congregation at play

“River Lines” will be a large interactive play area in the centre of Gaslight Square and it will mark the spot of the historic 1972 Grand River flood line at its peak.

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Circa 1877 Sculpture revealed

On Friday, July 17th, HIP Developments unveiled a new sculpture on the King Street frontage of its Circa 1877 condo project in uptown Waterloo.

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Creative Capital of Canada

The Creative Capital of Canada is a movement of community and business leaders seeking to celebrate and extend the lineage of problem solving creativity within Waterloo Region. 100 years ago, creative minds turned our community into an industrial powerhouse. Another generation led our transition into the innovation economy. This is our “creative lineage” and HIP believes we have a responsibility to keep it alive and build creative confidence in a new generation of talent who call Waterloo Region home. Join us.

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Launch winter program

We’re making STEAM a new team sport! Just like basketball or dance, hockey or gymnastics, now kids can enjoy seasons of STEAM activities! The new LAUNCH STEAM League has it all – teams, coaches, a bit of competition and all things STEAM with a healthy dose of fun.