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Full STEAM Ahead

Launch Day

The future will be built by our children. That’s why we’re building a facility to engage kids in science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM), at our Strata development. It’s called LAUNCH and recently we held LAUNCH DAY, an event where kids hung out and worked with local STEAM professionals. The future is looking brighter.


STEAM Tournament

2019 Inaugural LAUNCH Tournament

A recap of LAUNCH Waterloo's first STEAM Tournament with workshops designed to engage in the science, technology, engineering, art and math. This tournament explored different concepts like drag, lift, gravity and thrust and how they work to propel and accelerate aircrafts and rockets. As a proud sponsor of LAUNCH Waterloo, HIP Developments believes in supporting creative creative minds for future prosperity of our region.

Creative... Just Like You

Creativity isn’t exclusive to the Arts. Certainly it’s found there but it’s also found on shop floors, in neighbourhoods, kitchens, boardrooms and schoolyards. It’s in us all, somewhere, even if we don’t always call it creativity. As Waterloo Region, our hard working creative collaboration has, and continues to, generate ideas, talent and outcomes that go far beyond our small place in the World. Check out our video celebrating the creativity that is within us all and unifies our community. When we celebrate that uniqueness we’ll recognize that the Creative Capital of Canada is right all of us.

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Do Something Great

Talk to a stranger. Eat lunch at a community table. Put down your phone and look up. Stop and listen seriously, don't talk for an hour. Observe an inanimate object - What's its story? Celebrate our community and tell someone why it's great to live here. Get involved in doing something for the next generation. Buy a condo... just joking!

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Life At The Gaslight

Gaslight Square is HIP developments way of capturing the history and culture in Cambridge. The district features everything from fine dining and entertainment – featuring the theatre, festivals, art and music, a unique working environment and a place to call home.

My Point of View

Let’s all remember to find time in our busy lives to give back and invest in those that are coming behind us. Their creative minds are the greatest resource we have for future prosperity as a Region. Celebrate with them!

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