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More than real estate

Welcome to our local city building highlights. This is a collection of things happening that we don’t want you to miss out on, and some highlights from Scott himself on Linked In.


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This is Free Streets

Typically, real estate amenities exist in the sky: on the top floor. What if we put that space on the ground floor, and gave it away for free—to creative people that need free rent to do what they need to do to make a difference in our community? This is Free Streets.

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110 Percent Fest - Youth Talent Festival

HIP Developments is proud to support The 110 Percent Youth Talent Festival. The goal of the 110 Percent Fest is to evoke these same emotions of joy, unity and excitement, to give students a platform for showcasing their many talents, but even more so to engage them, inspire them and show them that they are not alone during this disruptive time.

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Circa 1877 Sculpture Revealed

On Friday, July 17th, HIP Developments unveiled a new sculpture on the King Street frontage of its Circa 1877 condo project in Uptown Waterloo.

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FREE STREETS offers a new approach; altering the zoning rules to allow developers to use the money they are already required to invest in projects, to create more experiential activity on the street level for condo residents and the community at large.

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Housing Innovation Round Table

HIP is proud to be part of the Housing Innovation Round Table (HIRT), a collaborative group of real estate developers and Waterloo Region community leaders. HIRT seeks to…

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River Lines: A Congregation at Play

“River Lines” will be a large, interactive play area in the centre of Gaslight Square, and it will mark the spot of the historic 1974 Grand River flood line at its peak.

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