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110 Percent Fest - Youth Talent Festival

Press Release - January 22nd, 2021

Get ready Waterloo Region! On Family Day 2021, the 110 Percent Youth Talent Festival is bringing together some incredible teen musicians, dancers, singers, artists and many more talented youth for a virtual afternoon of entertainment, hope and celebration.

The 110 Percent Youth Talent Festival is a collaboration between HIP Developments, Tapestry Hall, E- Bolt Music and Straight Street Event Services, in partnership with student bodies from across the region.

SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO Remember when we would gather together at a concert or museum? Did you ever look around and notice the faces of the people attending alongside of you? Remember seeing how happy they were, especially the excitement the young people exhibited? How in that moment they were; lost in the art and music before them, forgetting about the world for a moment in time and creating memories that would last forever? The goal of the 110 Percent Fest is to evoke these same emotions of joy, unity and excitement, to give students a platform for showcasing their many talents, but even more so to engage them, inspire them and show them that they are not alone during this disruptive time.

“Our kids are going through a lot right now, especially with what is effectively renewed school cancellations. A prolonged suppression of their youthful energy and spirit. That’s a lot to handle at a young age and I think perhaps too much to ask of them,” said Scott Higgins, President of HIP Developments, “I thought about what we could do at HIP Developments to help restore their excitement, celebrate their talents and give them something to look forward to in this long dark COVID winter.”

As a result the 110 Percent Youth Talent Festival was born.

“It’s been a long year, and we have been just waiting for the opportunity to unite people across the region with the fun of a large scale event,” said Kyle Priestley, Creative Director for Tapestry Hall.

Virtually this February, the first 110 Percent Festival at Tapestry Hall is the start of an annual showcase for young people on Family Day weekend, and will also act as the kick off for an in-person festival this summer (restrictions permitting).

“We are excited to be hosting this hour long streaming event, and turning the spotlight on the many young musicians and artists who have been persevering through this pandemic with strength. The 110 Percent Festival really is something for people of all ages to look forward to year after year, but particularly this year when COVID-19 has us staying in 24/7,” Priestley said.

17-year-old Ashley Mayhew, Student Council President of Preston High School, is leading the charge to engage teens amongst the student councils across the region. “Being a teenager in a pandemic is definitely difficult and something that we all have had to adapt to, “ she said. “We (teenagers) might feel lost, confused, sad and lonely but we are not alone. This youth festival is an amazing outlet for teenagers to share their talents that may have been put on hold during this time. The 110 Percent Festival is a safe place to be with like minded people who need something to bring light back into their days during these difficult times. We will smile together and create together by coming together when we feel so far apart.”

CONNECTION, CREATION, COMMUNITY As part of the virtual festival, viewers will have an opportunity to donate to three charities that help young people across our region: Kidsability, Big Brothers Big Sister of Waterloo Region and Kinbridge. These three charities focus on making the lives of our youth better.

On top of public donations, as part of the festival HIP Developments has donated $10,000 to E-Bolt Music to pay for continued music lessons for kids that otherwise couldn’t afford to right now.

“We have talented and aspiring musicians in Waterloo Region. We have some, that because of COVID, can’t afford the mentoring and lessons to keep going. We have some, because of COVID, who may have diminished their creative spark. HIP Developments couldn’t stand by and watch that happen,” said Higgins.

“We are immensely grateful for the support from HIP Developments and the community, as this helps ensure that 2021 can be a renewing year of growth for youth in music and the 110 Percent Youth Talent Festival is such a beautiful way to reopen the doors to performance and creativity,” said Eric Bolton, owner of E-Bolt Music. “Just announcing this to a few of our students has already been so incredible as we witness this spark of energy and excitement from them in response. This is so needed, far beyond words.”

SHOWCASE YOUR TALENTS From juggling, to rock ’n' roll, to painting, photography, jewellery making, poetry reading and so much more, all talented artists of every kind are encouraged to submit an application for the show.

High school students from across the entire Region of Waterloo are being asked to participate by submitting video submissions, audio submissions and photographic submissions of their work no later than January 29th, 2021.

Video Requirements - minimum 1920x1080 resolution (HD)

Audio Requirements - minimum 7meg/sec bit rate

Please also submit any Social Links to your act and or school if they are available.

Send all submissions to

Please include your name, age and high school that you attend. The festival will air on February 15th at 3:00 pm. Viewers can tune in online at: