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Communitech and Phidon Pens to celebrate local creativity and brilliance in the 100 Notebook Project

Creative Capital of Canada movement is growing as members of the tech community contribute to local exhibition.

WATERLOO REGION | July 1, 2019 - 100 tech community members in the Waterloo Region are taking part in the next edition of the 100 Notebook Project, an initiative that invites 100 people within a community to fill out a notebook in any way they choose over a four month period. In this instance, participants from Communitech will have their notebooks for the summer before returning the books in time for the October public exhibition.

The 100 Notebook Project examines pen to paper as a tool for freely exploring ideas and artistic expression. Notebook contents vary greatly from drawings and sketches to poetry and prose. Following the four month period, the notebooks will be displayed in an exhibition that allows the public to experience the personal thought process, creativity and beauty in each of the notebooks.

For the program, Phidon Pens is partnering with HIP Developments. This partnership came together as a result of both companies’ support of the Creative Capital of Canada movement: a grassroots effort to celebrate the inventive, problem solving creativity that is so prevalent within Waterloo Region.

“We are delighted to bring The 100 Notebook Project to Communitech,” said Phidon Pens co-owner Baldeep Duggal. “Our longtime mission has been to encourage people to write, draw, and connect with others through personal expression. It is exciting that Communitech is taking part to share their creativity with the Region.”

“The 100 Notebook Project reveals the beautiful and unique perspectives within all of us,” stated Phidon Pens co-owner Mano Duggal. “By preserving these uncommon forms of art we are celebrating and curating the creativity of our Region and will continue to do so for years to come.”

The week-long exhibition in October will showcase the 100 notebooks from Communitech alongside those created by art sector representatives and students of Preston High School in previous iterations. The long term goal is to build a permanent home for the 100 Notebook Project, allowing the community to house thousands of notebooks from the Region over the next century.

“We are very excited to join the 100 Notebooks Project,” shared COMMUNITECH REPRESENTATIVE. “It is such a unique celebration of the abundant creativity of our Region and we are proud that Communitech is able to make a mark on The 100 Notebook Project.”

“The content of these notebooks are an intimate example of the creative process that exists in all of us. It doesn’t matter if you are young, old, artistic, scientific, builder or dreamer.” explained Scott Higgins, President of HIP Developments. “These books show that creativity is right here in all of us.”

About Creative Capital of Canada Creative Capital of Canada (CCoC) is a public discussion designed to help everyone in Waterloo Region develop the bold confidence to believe in, and celebrate, who we really are – a community of creative makers, collaborators and innovators. We aren’t saying we’re the artistic capital of Canada, but our creative spirit has allowed us to become brilliant problem solvers who have given the world everything from the greatest hockey skates in the world to the smartphone and numerous Nobel Prize winners.

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About HIP Developments Passionately building more than just real estate, HIP Developments is committed to building a community that is vibrant, creative, and confident. As an innovative leader in real estate development, HIP is an early supporter of helping shape Waterloo Region into the Creative Capital of Canada.

Media Contact Melissa Durrell Durrell Communications