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HIP Developments donates two properties in Uptown Waterloo to support local artistic talent, reinforcing the creative spirit of the region

The leader of the Creative Capital of Canada movement has partnered with Art$pay to provide studio space for young, emerging artists.


WATERLOO | April 23, 2019 - Local real estate development company, HIP Developments, is announcing a new creative initiative with Art$pay and various local corporate sponsors dedicated to supporting arts in the community. HIP Developments is generously donating two properties in Uptown Waterloo to serve as non-profit visual arts studios and exhibition spaces.

The two-year pilot project is designed for local graduates with exceptional artistic talent who do not have the means to pay for studio rent. The ground floor at 56 Regina St. will operate as a visual arts incubator for five emerging artists to work in a shared studio over a 12-month time period. Established artists who now create art in their retirement and desire studio space outside of their home will occupy the second property at 52 Regina St.

“We are so grateful for HIP Developments’ generous donation towards the emerging artists in our community,” said Cathy Farwell, Artist and Volunteer Manager at Art$pay. “These two properties will provide artists with the opportunity to connect, collaborate, and work together in the broader community which will lead to exciting future developments — a missing link in retaining talent in this sector.”

“Creativity is in all of us,” says Scott Higgins, president of HIP Developments Inc. “ Sustainable success in the real estate business is a result of contributing to both the social and economic growth of the community you operate in, and this project will work to ensure that these young creatives won’t have to leave the community to change the world.” As the initial leader of the Creative Capital of Canada (CCoC) movement, HIP Developments has partnered with Art$pay and other corporate supporters of the project to ensure future generations can thrive in a community that becomes more creative by the day.

Local sponsors, including the Region of Waterloo, City of Waterloo, City of Kitchener, Perimeter Development Corporation, Miller Thomson LLP and Melloul-Blamey Construction Inc. will support each young artist throughout their term. The program covers rent, a small stipend for art supplies, and payment towards an outreach activity that will involve both parties and is mutually beneficial.

As of May 1st, 2019, the incubator artists and approximately ten others will move into studios in the Regina St. buildings.

Quick Facts:

  • HIP Developments has donated two houses in Uptown Waterloo at 52 and 56 Regina St. North to spearhead a new creative initiative with Art$pay

  • Art$pay will manage the buildings to serve as non-profit visual arts studios and exhibition spaces for two 12-month terms

  • 56 Regina St. will serve as a visual arts incubator and studio space for young, emerging artists with a University of Waterloo affiliation

  • Five selected artists will share the open concept studio for a 12-month term under a special sponsorship program made possible by local corporate sponsors

  • 52 Regina St. will serve as studio space for established artists who have the means to afford rent

  • Art$pay will manage two exhibition/meeting spaces in the buildings under a ‘pay-what-you-can’ model for the first six months to encourage gallery use

About Art$pay

Art$Pay is a regional artist-run, non-profit organization with over 130 members sponsored by Createscape Waterloo Region. The organization is dedicated to connecting visual art practitioners with opportunities, community, and advocates for fair pay.