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Cities are important.


HIP Developments

Founded in 2010, HIP Developments has always approached real estate development with a broad vision. We believe that it is our job to build more than real estate. It is our job to help build cities – especially in Waterloo Region.

Cities are the habitat of the human spirit - small-scale enough to feel connected in and big enough to be a force of change the world. For those reasons, cities are growing in importance as society struggles with upheaval. As we lose faith in big, national institutions, the idea of better communities has become the new faith.

City building is a collaborative effort by all sectors of society, and HIP accepts its role in this passionately. Yes, we build condominiums, but we also build public squares that encourage people to engage in play with perfect strangers. We commission art installations that reconnect citizens to our community’s stories. We roll up our sleeves and lead debate about community identity that can unite us all. We develop ways for kids to learn about Waterloo Region’s amazing lineage of creative problem-solving. We call these things our joy experiments because they have the potential bring us together in celebration.

So, when we say we are “Building More Than Real Estate,” we mean we are active builders of the bridges that will turn Waterloo Region into a community worthy of everyone’s faith.

Meet our team

Meet our talented and creative team at HIP Developments. You’ve probably heard about these individuals who dream big and help shape the communities that surround us.

Scott Higgins


Randy Renouf

Vice President

Joel Doherty

Director of Development

Chetan Patel

Director of Finance

Jefferey Roher


Christine Handy

Customer Experience Manager

Lori De Jong

Executive Assistant

Michelle Martin

Project Manager

Alisa Moore

Development Coordinator

Geoff Wiseman

Brewmaster - Foundry Brewing