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Don't leave it up to chance

In support of the Youth Creativity Fund established to inspire youth across Waterloo Region to apply their creativity to solving problems. When you donate to the Youth Creativity Fund, you don’t leave it up to chance. You help create it.

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Music Builds Cities Commercial

Together, HIP Developments and Digital Sabbath have created a commercial for the #Rockthistown documentary about the connecting power and community building live music has brought and continues to bring to our region.

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Business Unusual

Stories of independent businesses the year the world shut down.

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Joy is Practical

Cities have always been the habitat of the human spirit – that source of creativity, inclusion and invention that grows out of optimism and joy. Given our unprecedented need for all these things, why do we shy away from prioritizing joy as a city bui...

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‘City building for the human spirit’

Waterloo Region - A new book on city building says the human spirit is just as important as roads, sewers and water mains.

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This is Free Streets

Typically, real estate amenities exist in the sky: on the top floor. What if we put that space on the ground floor, and gave it away for free—to creative people that need free rent to do what they need to do to make a difference in our community? Thi...

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