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‘City building for the human spirit’

Waterloo Region - A new book on city building says the human spirit is just as important as roads, sewers and water mains.

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This is Free Streets

Typically, real estate amenities exist in the sky: on the top floor. What if we put that space on the ground floor, and gave it away for free—to creative people that need free rent to do what they need to do to make a difference in our community? Thi...

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110 Percent Fest - Youth Talent Festival

Press Release - January 22nd, 2021 Get ready Waterloo Region! On Family Day 2021, the 110 Percent Youth Talent Festival is bringing together some incredible teen musicians, dancers, singers, artists and many more talented youth for a virtual afternoo...

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Creative Capital of Canada

The Creative Capital of Canada is a movement of community and business leaders seeking to celebrate and extend the lineage of problem solving creativity within Waterloo Region. 100 years ago, creative minds turned our community into an industrial pow...

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Launch program

We’re making STEAM a new team sport! Just like basketball or dance, hockey or gymnastics, now kids can enjoy seasons of STEAM activities! The new LAUNCH STEAM League has it all – teams, coaches, a bit of competition and all things STEAM with a health...

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Circa 1877 Sculpture Revealed

HIP Bananas Press Release Bringing surprise, spontaneity and thoughtful fun back to our streets. HIP Developments unveils public art designed to make us think, laugh and get back to making real connections. On Friday July 17th, HIP Developments u...

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