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Steph Boutari mural

Contemporary Surfaces

Waterloo Region artist Stephanie Boutari is applying her skills and talent to the walls of the Gaslight District. We don’t think offices should be places where people keep their heads down and think in straight lines. At Grand Innovations, we’ve cre...

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Life At The Gaslight

Gaslight Square is HIP Developments' way of capturing the history and culture in Cambridge. The district features everything from fine dining and entertainment – featuring the theatre, festivals, art and music, a unique working environment and a plac...

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Creative... Just Like You

Creativity isn’t exclusive to the Arts. Certainly it’s found there but it’s also found on shop floors, in neighbourhoods, kitchens, boardrooms and schoolyards. It’s in us all, somewhere, even if we don’t always call it creativity. As Waterloo Region,...

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Do Something Great

Here are some ways to change your perspective for the day. Talk to a stranger. Eat lunch at a community table. Put down your phone and look up. Stop and listen seriously, don't talk for an hour. Observe an inanimate object - What's its story...

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Why Youth Creativity Fund?

The Youth Creativity Fund is a grassroots community fund that has exponential gains for the youth in Waterloo Region. By providing a little bit of capital with no strings attached we are cultivating our biggest natural resource — the minds of our chi...

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Don't leave it up to chance

In support of the Youth Creativity Fund established to inspire youth across Waterloo Region to apply their creativity to solving problems. When you donate to the Youth Creativity Fund, you don’t leave it up to chance. You help create it.

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