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River Lines: A Congregation at Play

“River Lines” will be a large interactive play area in the centre of Gaslight Square and it will mark the spot of the historic 1974 Grand River flood line at its peak. Back then, we left our homes and backyards and worked as a united congregation to help one another. River Lines will bring us out of our homes once again – this time to be a congregation at play.

Interactive pavers and lights imbedded into the pavement will transform the courtyard into a musical playfield. Friends and strangers alike will become the moving pieces of this giant game board; working with each other to create ever changing melodies and light shows along the flood line by stepping on specific pavers that emit ever changing sounds. The resulting floor patterns created through this interaction will be displayed on a large LED screen on the courtyard wall for all to enjoy.

Everyone visiting Gaslight Square will be able to experience a sense of a new community backyard, where collaboration brings music, magic and new stories about Cambridge to life.

River Lines is not just about playing. It’s about playing together.